Which Window Treatment Is Best For Your House?

When we talk about window treatments, there are a plethora of alternatives to choose from. All these options offer different types of benefits. While some window solutions help in the blockage of sunlight completely, others can be adjusted to some extent.
No matter what type of window treatment the homeowners opt for, privacy remains a major concern. Maintaining the privacy of the house, safeguarding it from the external environment etc. are some of the essential needs of the homeowners.

Varied Types Of Window Treatments:


*These are traditional, classic yet attractive window treatment options to choose from. You can install shutters in different types of natural woods such as alder, oak, pine, cedar, and bass wood. Though there are several options, hard wood is the most common resort of homeowners around the world. This window treatment is available in both exterior and interior variety.

*The main purpose behind using wood is to promise long-lasting durability in these shutters. Slats are a common feature of shutters that can be availed in different sizes, the most common ones being 3.5’ and 4.5’. You can also find tilt rod in shutter blinds that can be adjusted to the angle of the shutters.

*The best part about installing wooden shutter blinds is that they allow entry of fresh air and sunshine into the house while providing privacy to the homeowners. These shutters can be installed either within the window frames or around the frames too. You can choose a suitable type of trim that looks like the existing trim of the house as well.

*Apart from adding to the visual appeal of the house, shutters also provide durability and functionality. Due to these amazing advantages, the custom craftsmanship and broad appeal, shutters tend to be the costliest window solutions among all.


*This is yet another commonly used window treatment. When it comes to blinds, you can find them in a considerably cheaper price range than shutters and other high-end alternatives. Moreover, shutter Venetian blinds are easily available in departmental stores, home improvement stores etc. Mini blinds come in many sizes and materials. It is possibly the first option for homeowners running out of cash.

*If you don’t wish to go for an expensive wooden material, just opt for plastic blinds or faux wood alternatives. These options also look as pretty and royal as the wooden ones. You can choose to install the blinds into the frame of the windows to make the appearance pleasing and high-class.

*Unlike shutters, blinds can be installed in the interior of the home only. This is because they are not as sturdy and durable as the wooden shutters. Blinds can supplement a good short-term solution to privacy needs of the homeowners.


Curtains or drapes are the least popular window treatments opted by people out there. They prove to be beneficial for the doors and windows that are quite large in the size or when an accompaniment is required to provide an extra shield of privacy to cheap shutter blinds. You can find curtains in several different sizes, colours, and materials.
Though price plays an essential role in the selection of a window treatment, you must consider other factors too.



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